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THOZI is comparable to a world famous example that is also based on a decades old pharmacy recipe. Based on this vision a holistic product, containing red beets, has been developed. It tastes good, works
effectively and gives positive support.

This is how the THOZI-philosophy came about; light, healthy, joy of life, passion together with people whom will put a smile on your face. In addition to a healthy general constitution, it will also support you
getting rid of a hangover.

High quality ingredients such as red beets, berries, lemon, right turning lactic acid, but also essential vitamins such as B12 and vitamin C create the perfect THOZI vital drink into the absolute Life-Style beverage.

Some time has now passed. From an idea, a Vital Drink has grown and the complete-happy-THOZI-package has been developed and is now available.

The best part of this story, this is only the opening chapter.


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